Hosted By: Ogeechee Bowmen of Savannah
April 1-2, 2017

 Schedule Both Days: Assembly 8:30 AM, shotgun start 9:00 AM. Assembly 12:30 PM, shotgun start 1:00 PM.
 There are two 20-target rounds, one unmarked and one marked. May be shot in one day; however, everyone must shoot the unmarked course first.
 GBAA (regular or a Bowhunter) or GAA membership is required to shoot for the State Championship. A Guest class
is available for Non-GBAA / GAA members. Guests CAN NOT shoot for State Championship.
 NFAA and/or GBAA membership is available at the shoot prior to registration.
 Please mail pre-registration with your check, postmarked by March 22th. You may also complete online registration at gbaa.georgiaarchery.com by March 29th.
 LATE registration will be available at the shoot – minimum 1 hour prior to shoot time!!!

OnLine Form HERE

Download Form HERE