All Events State Champion

All Events Champion (adult and youth shooter): Each year, the GBAA shall give recognition to its best all-around archers. Points are awarded at the five state championship tournaments to all competitors. The competitor with the most points at the end of the year shall be declared the All-Events Champion. An award, as determined by the GBAA board of directors, shall be presented by the GBAA President during the awards ceremony at the next year’s State Indoor Championship.
1. All events competitors must compete in at least three (3) of the five (5) State Championships
2. Dual registration competitors will only be awarded points for one shooting style per tournament and shall be from the first shooting style shot.
3. The determination of the All Events Champion shall be made on a point system, with the points awarded in all of the Five State Championships on the following basis.
4.Non-broken ties shall be awarded the higher place points award.
5. If there is a tie on total points, the All Events Champion shall be determined as follows: a. The archer who has participated in the most State Championships during the year shall be determined winner. b. If still tied, the winner shall be determined by the number of points awarded in the largest State Tournament, based on the total number of participants. c. If still tied, then duplicate awards shall be presented. 6. An all events competitor is not restricted to shooting the same Division / Style in all State Championships.


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