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Hosted By: Mid Georgia Archery Club

May 16-17, 2015

 Schedule: Both Saturday and Sunday: 9:00 AM and 2:00 PM. Assembly 15 min. prior to each starting time.

There are two 90 arrow rounds / standard NFAA 900 round. Both rounds must be shot for championship. Archers

may shoot the double 900 round in one day (not recommended for kids).

GBAA or GAA membership is required to shoot for the State Championship. A Guest class is available for Non GBAA/GAA members. Guests CAN NOT shoot for State Championship.

National (NFAA/USAA) and state (GBAA/GAA) memberships can be obtained at the shoot prior to registration.

Pre-register early to assure desired shooting time. Mail pre-registration and check postmarked by May 9th. You may

complete electronic pre-registration and payment at website by May 13th.

LATE registration available at shoot, minimum 1 hour prior to shooting time – PLEASE. Late fee is applicable.

Miscellaneous Info.: NFAA 900 round consist of 90 arrows shot at three different distances (30 arrows each) as follows:

Adults/Young Adults 60,50,40 yards; Youth 50,40,30 yards; and Cubs 30,20,10 yards. Practice 1 hour prior to assembly.

For more information contact: Terry Wietstruk (478) 222-3610/(478) 955-9836, or email


HERE IS THE FORM GBAA 2015 State Target 

Online Coming soon.

GBAA State & South Eastern Indoor Championships


We Are getting closer to this event. Be sure  you get in Early Registration is open HERE


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Welcome to the Website of the Georgia Bowhunter & Archery Association, GBAA.

We are affiliated with the National Field Archery Association, NFAA; a national archery organization since 1939.That’s 75 years of promoting Field archery and bow-hunting nationwide!
The GBAA promotes numerous shooting styles including freestyle, freestyle limited, barebow, competitive bowhunter, bowhunter freestyle, freestyle limited, recurve, and traditional. GBAA competition divisions include Cub, Youth, Young Adult, Adult, Senior, Silver Senior, Master Senior and Professional. Several tournaments—indoor, field, target, marked 3D, and unmarked 3D­—are hosted each year, and draw archers from across the Southeast.
Interest in archery is growing across the country. New archers are looking for a place to shoot and learn more about the sport. Archers who put their bows down, for different reasons, are picking them up again. All these people, young and not so young, are looking to connect with a club! Send us your club information so non-members can find you. Send us your club name, location, mailing address and web address/email information to put on the GBAA web site. We can add a link to your website or Facebook. Also include the date and time of your club meetings or club activity so we can help new archers find a home.




State Target 2014

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