2020 Voting Ballot for the GBAA Executive Committee

The GBAA President is the only position being challenged this election period. Bowhunter members do not vote in this election (per the GBAA Constitution, they may vote only for the Bowhunting Director). The term of office for all officers is two (2) years. The new elected GBAA Officers will assume their duties at the conclusion of the State 3-D Championship Tournament in August. John Chandler has been selected as the nominating committee (PIC) and will oversee the voting process. The ballots will be counted Saturday afternoon June 13th at the State Field Championship in the presence of the incumbent officers and the nominating committee. A confidential Voter ID code has been assigned to all eligible GBAA members (age 16 and older) and has been delivered to each voter via E-mail (included separately in body of e-mail) or postal delivery (included below) to the primary household member. The Voter ID code must be entered on the ballot and can only be used for one vote.
Candidate Information Ricky Diederich:
Ricky Diederich - Candidate for GBAA President I have been a member of the NFAA/GBAA since 1982 when I started shooting in the local Archery clubs in Savannah, Victory Bowmen located on Hunter Army Air Field, the Military base in Savannah, and the Ogeechee Bowmen of Savannah. I was elected V. P. of the Ogeechee Bowmen in 1989 and President 1990 and have held several Officer positions since then, the last being Sectary/Treasurer, also served as GBAA Bowhunter President back in 1992-1994. There have been many changes over the years, some good and some not so good. But as I see it, the GBAA is about its members, and its affiliated clubs, to help one another promote the Sport of Archery that most of us love and enjoy. I have met and made many good friends over the past 38 years shooting State, Sectional and National Tournaments. Lord willing, I plan to keep shooting and making new friends. What I have seen over the past is that we need better communication between the members, clubs and officers of the GBAA. We have to work together to make our state shoots better for our members and our Hosting clubs. Without our Associated clubs and their members, we cannot have State Tournaments. My plan is to bring back clear open communication between our members, clubs and the state officers so our Archery Organization can grow, to work together to make Archery Fun and rewarding for all. There are some changes for 3-D that were discussed at the August meeting that John Chandler put down on paper, and at the GBAA Indoor meeting on Saturday afternoon it was discussed and there will be a trial run at the GBAA Spring Turkey, Hosted by TGM Archery. There are good ideas out there among our members, and Associated Clubs that can help make our State shoots more enjoyable to attend and shoot. Our GBAA Organization is a NFAA State affiliation, which allows our state clubs the opportunity to host NFAA Sectional shoots in conjunction with a couple of our State Shoots so you don’t have to travel out of state to shoot the NFAA Sectionals. Even though we are a NFAA affiliate, the NFAA does allow the states to have options they may set up for some shoots if a state sees a need for it. Many of you all know me, or may have seen me at all of our state shoots over the years. I try to talk to as many folks at the shoots as possible to, see if they are having a good time, or if they have any questions. Some state shoots, like the GBAA state field, can be confusing for first time archers or even seasoned archers. I just want folks to like and enjoy the sport of Archery as I do. I would like to be your GBAA/NFAA President and help grow our GBAA organization to one of the Best membership and Club affiliate driven organizations that its members can be proud of and enjoy shooting. Thank you for your consideration in electing me as your new GBAA/NFAA President.
Candidate Information Tony Millsap:
Tony Millsap – Candidate for GBAA President In an attempt to keep this brief; Here is a little bit about me. My Name is Anthony Millsap…Most of you know me as Tony. I was born in Tennessee and because of my father’s career I have lived all over the country, I finished High School in Missouri and got a degree in Studio Art and Anthropology from the University of Central Missouri. I’ve been involved in bowhunting from a young age and in 2007 I moved to Georgia and decided to pursue a career in the archery industry. I have spent the last 13 years working for a Wildcat Archery in Pooler, GA; and as a direct result of that I have become heavily involved in the local archery community and hold officers positions for both the GBAA (Vice President) and the Ogeechee Bowmen (President) and I have traveled the country shooting tournaments. Recently I have been working to grow archery events in the state through introducing the Safari round as a regular tournament hosted by the Ogeechee Bowmen. I am running to become President of the GBAA because I feel our organization has become stagnant and is in desperate need of changes to garner growth. You can read more about that in the Facebook posts my opponent and I will make concerning our hopes for the organization on the GBAA Facebook page. I firmly believe the Georgia Bowhunting and Archery Association has nothing but potential, and it’s time we brought our organization into the forefront of archery in the state by working to build better relationships with all archery organizations in Georgia, trying to find ways to build more clubs and in turn improve attendance for all events in the state. Please take some time to find the posts about our ideas, and if you agree with me I would greatly appreciate your vote.