2018 GBAA STATE 3D Online


Early registration greatly improves the host clubs ability to start on time, improving the overall outcome and enjoyment of the tournament for everyone. This registration represents your good faith intent to attend the tournament. Payment of tournament fee is expected at check in prior to shoot. We want to promote early registration … If you are unable to attend for any reason, payment of tournament fee is not expected.

Hosted By: Po Boy Archery
August 18-19, 2018
 Schedule Both Days: Assembly 8:30 AM, shotgun start 9:00 AM. Assembly 12:30 PM, shotgun start 1:00 PM.
 There are two 20-target rounds … Both rounds will be known (marked). Both rounds may be shot in one day.
 GBAA (regular or a Bowhunter) or GAA membership is required to shoot for the State Championship. A Guest class
is available for Non-GBAA / GAA members. Guests CAN NOT shoot for State Championship.
 NFAA and/or GBAA membership is available at the shoot prior to registration.
 Please mail pre-registration with your check, postmarked by August 8
th. You may also complete online registration
at gbaa.georgiaarchery.com by August 15
 LATE registration will be available at the shoot – minimum 1 hour prior to shoot time!!!
Range location: 1636 Price Rd Wrightsville,GA 31096
Directions: From Wrightsville take Hwy 319 North toward Bartow, go 8 miles from city limit sign then take the first dirt
road on left (Price Rd). Travel ½ mile and you are here.
Hotel Information: Best bet is Dublin, GA. Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites 478- 272-7862, Hampton Inn 478-272-
1600. Both are located on Highway 441 South at Interstate 16.
For more information contact: Troy Hall at troyhall9889@gmail.com or phone (478) 232-9889


Payment of tournament fee is expected at check in prior to shoot.
For Non GBAA/GAA members. Awards and *Age Divisions are Determined by Host Club